We integrate not only people’s effort and the manpower but also integrate renewable solution with the right resources in order to contribute to energy management of every kind. IOI shall help source funds for model development and scaling up as well. Your ideas shall be provided with high energy creative space, mentoring and business advice. Mentoring and counseling support from an experienced team and key members of IOI.

In 2007, SPRESPL acquired the technology for setting up small sized (10 M3), large sized industrial type Biogas based power generation system suitable to Indian conditions and finally got in touch with M/s Planet Biogastechnik GmbH, Vreden, Germany biogas plants for use in Institutions and have successfully completed several projects in Gujarat.

SPRESPL has also concluded an agreement in July 2008 with M/s South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland (, a leading global carbon credit service providers to be their sole representatives in India on all matters relating to the Carbon Credit business in accordance with the Gold Standard Norms under UNFCC.

Recognizing the potential of SPRESPL, in the year 2010 the Government of Gujarat has under Gobar Gas Yojna has authorized SPRESPL to establish medium and large sized Biogas Based Power Generation Plants in each districts of Gujarat. The Gobar Gas Yojna provides for Public-Private-People (PPP) participation in implementing the scheme. Currently, SPRESPL is engaged in the implementation of these projects at 31 select sites in Gujarat. The project works at various locations are in advanced stages of completion.