Working for a greener environment for past 14 years has given us a lot of experience. One of our project, Pilot Biomass Gasifier project was set up for AMUL to replace Furnace Oil with Biogas to operate boiler at Cheese Manufacturing Plant facility near Kheda, Gujarat. It was followed by requirement raised by M/s Borsad Tobacco Co Pvt Ltd., for their energy needs for tobacco processing and drying and M/s Davaria Brothers, Dhasa for generating Grid-Feed power.

We have infused and interacted with angel funds, venture capitalists and accelerators. Our incubation endeavors keep evolving best to meet the gaps of the Indian entrepreneurial landscapes, budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow and doing our bit for betterment of our environment. Biomass is renewable source of energy and, if produced efficiently, a good alternative source of energy which supports the tranition from fossil to green energy. In addition to purposeful production of CO2 & neutral energy from renewable biomass, biogas has other cross-sectorial advantages, for e.g.

Utilizing biowastes from households, communities and agriculture
Reduced energy source
Reduced green house gas emmisioins
Reduced dependency on imported fossil fuels
Contributed dependency on imported fossil fuels
Waste Reduction
Job creation
Flexible and efficient end use of biogas
Low water inputs
Additional income for the farmers involved
Digestate is an excellent fertiliser for crop production