At A Glance

Incubation of Innovation has been setup by like minded individuals to cater & nurture young creative enterprenurial energies in the field of agriculture and ecosystem development initiatives. IOI provides incubation to new constructive ideas and business plans and helps them to convert it into innovations, products and start up businesses. IOI felt the need to foster creativity, technology and greener future so as to reduce the carbon footprints in the world. Incubation support includes business and technical advice, mentoring support and facilitation of early stage funding and linkage with the Industry experts.

About the Company:

“SPELECO” – SP Electronics Corporation was established in 1995 as a Registered Company. SPELECO had a clear vision to reach the concept of Solar Energy based products and systems to the most vulnerable sections of the rural Indian diasporas, where they were deprived of the benefits of electricity. It is a leading biogas company in India with 14+ years of experience and has its operations across the globe. It designs, construct and operates biogas plants- Flexi, Mid sized and Industrial Biogas plants wherein energy is produced from solid organic wastes, agricultural industrial waste water and Biomass. With this objective in mind, the journey started in 1995 has continued unabatedly and the Company has contributed by participating in the programmes undertaken by the following noteworthy institutions. The company was registered in the approved list of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, (MNRE) Government of India, New Delhi.
“SPRESPL” -- In the year 2001, encouraged by the success of SPELECO, the Company diversified its activities to include Biomass Gasifier Systems and Biogas Plants.

Our Manifesto: At IOI, we shall actively work towards making a favorable ecosystem for mankind to make chain entrepreneurship easy in India so that the ideas can propagate further and develop into a new start up contributing in this manner.

Why are we doing this?: We comprise of service providers, mentors and industry experts who belong from a variety of functional areas, geographical locations and designated domains who are ardently committed to help upcoming technological innovations, aspiring entrepreneurs succeed in the public domain and to contribute to maintain the balance in ecosystem. India being the largest cattle dung offers a very high potential for producing biogas (key component of CDM). The combined population of cattle and buffaloes is over 289 million heads (livestock census – 2001) and is estimated to yield about 1000 million tonnes of dung annually. Municipal solid waste, agricultural residues, energy crops, cattle dung and poultry droppings are major source of biomass potential for generating biogas.

Incubation of Innovation offers the following benefits-

  • Guidance from experienced mentors and technology gurus.
  • Access to quality incubation support resources from all over Gujarat.
  • Benefit of working with like-minded individuals at a single platform.
  • Well developed infrastructure facilities.
  • Right sponsors and motivators who help your own ideas to come to reality.
  • Opportunities to participate in various promotable events and programs for experience and professional exposure.


To promote the ideal spirit of creative thinking and problem solving, leading to development and innovation in technology in the field of agriculture and renewable energy.


We at IOI thoroughly believe in incubating creativity, entrepreneurship skills and promoting Eco-friendly ways to protect environment at large, it is not just a business idea, but a way of life for us.

Core Values

Integrity and Ethics: Upholding our reputation is paramount as we are judged by what we do, what we act and what we deliver. We strive to be loyal in our practices. Our outlook to the world is positive and responsible to the world in which we live. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and maintain the trust with each other.

Accountability: We stick to our professional laws and standards and we stick to technically aptitude and professional conducts. We at IOI are committed to deliver the best quality of products & services following international guidelines and standards of procedures.

Professional Competence: IOI will stick to the professional competence and ensure habitual and judicious use of communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, emotions, values and reflections in daily practice for the benefit of Individual and company.

Sustainability: The whole concept is based on involving more number of people and propagating the idea among the generations to come. The products & services provided should be structured in order to fulfill the needs of generations to come.

Message from the Director

Mr. Sanjay Patel
Founding partner of 'Incubation of Innovation'
“IOI came up with this concept as an answer for the burning need of renewable energy in today’s times. With power getting more and more expensive and dying, renewable is the only source of energy left. Also nowadays biomass, biogas, degradable wastes and renewable energy have become a recent growing trend among people as they are getting more and more conscience. Also, we feel that India should focus on its agronomy which will contribute to the growth and development of the country and the needs of ever growing population. Here at IOI we are providing a platform for fresh and young talent with new and creative agronomic thoughts that could contribute for a better future. Hence, we warmly welcome all young entrepreneurs to come up with great and innovative ideas in the field of agriculture and renewable energy so that we can foster them into successful enterprises through consistent mentoring, counseling & funding. We at IOI wish to make this earth a better place to live on, and we are putting in efforts which ever scale we can. So come join hands for brighter India and a brighter world.”