Incubation of Innovation (IOI) is a Gujarat based company which not only inspires but also nurtures and supports aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to provide agriculture / renewable energy based eco- friendly ideas, develop breakthrough innovations and create quality endeavors.

It is a leading Biogas Company in India with 14+ years of experience and has its operations across the world. It designs, construct and operates biogas plants- Flexi, Mid sized and Industrial Biogas plants wherein energy is produced from solid organic wastes, agricultural industrial waste water and Biomass.

Our Capabilities

  • Inspire

    IOI is a platform that bridges the gap between an idea and the entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Incubate

    Integrating not only people’s effort and the manpower but also integrate renewable solution with

  • Impact

    We infuse and interact with angel funds, venture capitalists and accelerators.


Recent Updates

We have been doing our bits for making environment greener and brighter for generations to come.
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How to connect?

Indeed, non-dedicated funds supplement funding for programs would help to provide essential services to the operation of the idea. If you have a passion for Environment and its wealth. You can either donate your idea or capital as a small contribution for its preservation. Your generosity is crucial to the operation of the organisation as well as the world where we live.

If, you have a convincing proposal then, fill in this form. If we found your idea really convincing, we will get back to you..

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